Tree strategies and plans

A Tree Strategy is a plan, usually prepared by a Local Authority, that sets out its approach to managing trees in a specific area. It takes the benefits and risks of trees into account, setting long-term goals to increase tree canopy cover, to diversify the tree stock, to replace lost trees and to protect existing trees for future generations. The Tree Council maintains a list of Tree Strategies from around the country which can be found here.

Dorset Council is currently (May 2021) collating the tree policies it inherited from the District and County Councils in 2019 and plans to publish a new Tree Strategy and policies in the near future.

Bridport Town Council has produced an excellent Tree Plan for the Bridport Area. The Town Council has adopted the mantra “The Right Trees – in the Right Place – for the Right Reason” in their Tree Plan which contains a series of maps showing areas where tree planting:

  • Would be unfavourable
  • Would extend and strengthen the existing ecological network
  • Could help alleviate flood risk
  • Could help alleviate air quality and health

The Bridport Tree Plan is very thorough, provides excellent guidance and is a great a start point for discussion for landowners, Local Authorities and local voluntary groups interested in helping meet national targets for tree planting.

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