Tree Maps

One of our longer term (and perhaps more ambitious) projects is to map the trees of Dorchester that are visible to the public ie. from public footpaths and roads. We hope these Tree Maps will, in time, help give a picture of tree cover around the town, as well as identifying the location of all the most notable and interesting trees. Only trees larger than 15cm diameter will be mapped. The Tree Maps may also show gaps in the tree cover where new planting could help.

We also hope to produce Tree Maps on the following themes:

  • Great trees – notable trees in the town on account of age, size or rarity
  • Tree for Bees – highlighting the importance of tree blossom for pollinators
  • Trees for autumn colour – illustrating some of the best autumn colours around town

This example of a Tree Map from London shows what can be achieved. I don’t think our Dorchester Tree Maps will be as elaborate but there is no harm in having a go..!