My favourite tree

Let us know which tree is your favourite in Dorchester so we can share a map showing the locations of everyone’s special tree in town. And please let us know if your tree has a it’s own name, perhaps one given by you or by your family eg. The Beacon Sycamore, or the Copper Beech at Beech Court.

Here are some of people’s favourite trees in Dorchester

Shirley’s favourite tree is the magnificent Copper Beech at Beech Court off South Walks Road. It is one of several large Copper Beeches around Dorchester, and more have been planted in recent decades so we should be able to enjoy them for centuries to come.

Marlene’s favourite tree which she calls ‘Old Man’. It is a fine Horse Chestnut by the Memorial Garden in South Walks. The avenue along South Walks was first planted in the 1730s so, although this tree is old, it is probably not one of the originals planted nearly 300 years ago – but may have been grown from one of it’s conkers!

Patricia’s favourite tree can be found by the Tirah Memorial in Borough Gardens. It is a Lawson Cypress and she loves the way the branches swoop down, inviting them to be climbed on!

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