Urban Tree Festival – 16th to 24th May 2020

For the first time, Dorchester will be taking part in the national Urban Tree Festival under the theme of “Trees Be Company”, the title of one of William Barnes’ poems. The Festival will run from Saturday 16th to Sunday 24th May and all the events and activities will be online due the the current outbreak of Coronavirus.

Now in its third year, the London-based Urban Tree Festival is a celebration of urban and suburban trees, woods, forests, scrubland, hedgerows and all the wild places that bring life and joy to our cities. In the light of the current situation, this year’s events (from 16th – 24th May) will also take place online. Whilst we cannot hope to match the amazing programme organised by Urban Tree Festival in London, we will be arranging a few events that we hope will increase your interest in the trees in and around Dorchester.

Please have a look at our outline of the programme for the Urban Tree Festival in Dorchester which includes a list of the daily events, and those that take place over the nine days of the online Festival. There is lots to do – have a go at the daily Tree Quiz, nominate your favourite tree in the town, write and share a poem about a tree that is special to you, and help us map the ‘trees for bees’ across Dorchester.

Future events

Here we will list national and local events regarding trees – national events such as National Tree Week, Tree Charter Day, Tree Dressing day etc, as well as local events such as planting opportunities etc…

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