Here we describe some of our favourite books inspired by trees and woods. Books to dip into, books to read in the woods, books to return to time and again.

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‘Trees Be Company’ – An Anthology of Poetry edited by Angel King and Sue Clifford for Common Ground.

This book highlights “our deep cultural need for trees and woods and to inspire people to take care of them. Trees, and indeed woods, know no distinction between town and country; they are close to everyone. If we are to combat local pollution, make even the slightest impact on global warming, enjoy our surroundings and share them with many other creatures, we need trees: trees here and trees now. If we are to nourish more than our prosaic needs we need their longevity, their beauty, their generosity. Trees stand for nature and culture. We shall stand or fall with them.”

The Understory: 52 sestudes on trees by writers from 26

“Trees have a deep connection to our cultural heritage.” This book is a partnership between writers group 26 and the Woodland Trust – a love letter to 52 remarkable trees; each a unique source of inspiration, given voice by 52 writers who have spent time amongst their branches and bark, roots and leaves.

The Tree Line: Poems for Trees, Woods and People

“This anthology reflects our attitude towards trees and celebrates our delight in woodland today… to enjoy rather like a walk in the woods – the eye attracted by a variety of shades and tones of subtly different subject matter , style and form: wit and irony intertwined with eulogies, effusions and epiphanies.” Published in 2017 by the Woodland Trust and Worple Press to celebrate the new ‘Charter for Trees, Woods and People’ in verse.

Collins Tree Guide by Owen Johnson & David More

An excellent and comprehensive guide to most of the trees you might come across in the UK. The illustrations and descriptions are second to none. Indispensable for tree hunters in the UK!

Collins Complete [Photographic] Guide to British Trees

A useful photographic guide to many of the trees you might come across in the UK. With helpful photographs and descriptions, this makes a good companion to the ‘Collins Tree Guide’ by Owen Johnson and David More.

The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono

A long-standing favourite, a gem of a story to return to again and again. With just 32 pages, it was first published in 1954 and remains a book full of hope and inspiration. Several different editions are available, often illustrated with beautiful wood engravings.

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