Locations where new trees could be planted.

We would love you to suggest places around Dorchester where more trees could be planted to enhance the urban landscape and to provide shelter and homes for wildlife. Please use the ‘Comments’ box below to suggest suitable locations for us to consider for planting trees.

We will use your suggestions to create a map showing the possible locations where trees could be planted in the future.

2 thoughts on “Locations where new trees could be planted.

  • May 24, 2020 at 11:58 am

    These are my ideas
    Trees lining the road from West Stafford by pass roundabout to Max Gate roundabout.
    Trees around the western edges of Sandringham Rec.
    Expanding the planting corner in Kings Park.
    How about a circle of trees in middle of Salisbury Fields to remember the efforts made by everyone during this pandemic.
    Also there are 2 parcels of land just east of the A35 bypass north of Max Gate, could we fill them with trees ?

    • May 28, 2020 at 2:38 pm

      Many thanks for these very helpful suggestions for additional tree planting Claire. I will investigate these opportunities. In particular, I like the idea of planting a circle of trees to remember the extraordinary work done by everyone during the Covid-19 pandemic.

      I believe the two parcels of land by the A35 to the north of Max Gate are shown for residential development in the Local Plan but hopefully they will both involve substantial tree planting and aftercare schemes.


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