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“Trees are the key to our survival. They came before us and we have used, abused and loved them for thousands of years. They have provided our sustenance – food, shelter, medicine and the air we breathe…. We need to find new ways of living happily with them as cultural, spiritual and emotional companions as well as for ecological reasons.” (From ‘In a Nutshell’, written by Neil Sinden for Common Ground (1989)

There are several long-standing events around the country that celebrate trees and all the benefits they bring us including Apple Day, Tree Dressing day and National Tree Week. Here we will explore these celebrations in more detail to see if we can bring them to Dorchester to celebrate our rich heritage of trees in the town.

We would love to hear your thoughts about arranging more tree-based celebrations in Dorchester. Please share your ideas and suggestions in the ‘Comments’ box below. Thank you.

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