Tree Trails

We are developing a series of Tree Trails so that people can explore the trees in and around Dorchester. The Trails vary in length, from 30-75 minutes, and will highlight 8-15 trees that might be of interest. The Trails are designed for self-guided use, but they could also be used by a Guide leading a walk amongst the trees.

The first Tree Trail we have created – as part of the Urban Tree Festival in May 2020 – is along the public open space at Frome Terrace in Dorchester. It is a short Trail, about 200 metres long, but is a lovely introduction to some of the trees that can be seen from the popular path along the Millstream.

The Dorchester Tourist Information Centre has kindly offered to help us develop some Tree Trails based on the four existing Town Trails for the Town. We hope to have the first one – starting at Dorchester TIC, along South Walks and Bowling Alley Walk to Borough Gardens.

We have plans to create Tree Trails for the Riverside Nature Reserve and for the Millstream, both just to the north of the High Street in Dorchester

These Tree Trails have been chosen for the variety of trees that can be explored in a relatively small area. We urge you to remain alert at all times, specially around traffic, parked cars and changes in level – all the things you might expect to encounter in an urban area.

We hope these Trails might encourage you to explore other trees in and around Dorchester. If you come across an enormous tree, then please let us know by using the ‘Comments’ box on the ‘Meet the Giants‘ page.

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