Here we will encourage people to explore the Tree Trails in and around Dorchester, invite them to search out favourite trees and to watch them as they change over the seasons…

Explore – walk amongst the trees on West Walks on a bright autumn day. The avenue here was first planted in the early 1700’s and many of the trees we see today are the third or fourth generation of the originals.

Name – give a name to one or more of your favourite trees in the town so you can greet it as you pass. I call this giant ‘The Beacon Sycamore’ as it stands by the town’s fire beacon on Salisbury Field. Some trees are given names based on their locality, some after people, others are named after their past. Let us know if you name your favourite tree so we can compile a Tree Map of the named trees in and around Dorchester.

Take comfort – identify a favourite tree that gives you comfort each time you see it – your ‘Touchstone Tree’. Many studies now show that being amongst trees is good for our health and well-being, so having a tree that you care about, and one that brings you comfort in return, must be a good thing. The fabulous old Field Maple is one of my favourites, standing proudly close to the line of the old Roman walls between West Walks and the old tennis courts.

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