Tree Trails around Dorchester

To celebrate Dorchester’s first the Urban Tree Festival in May 2020, we will be describing some walks around the town where you can be in the company of some wonderful trees. These walks will be less than a mile long and we hope you may be able to enjoy them as part of your daily exercise.

These Tree Trails have been chosen for the variety of trees that can be explored in a relatively small area. We urge you to remain alert at all times, specially around traffic, parked cars and changes in level – all the things you might expect to encounter in an urban area.

For some of the Tree Trails we might even chalk the names of some of the trees to look out for on the pavements…! We hope these Trails might encourage you to explore other trees in and around Dorchester. If you come across an enormous tree, then please let us know by using the ‘Comments’ box on the ‘Meet the Giants‘ page.

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