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I recently came across some ideas I had written about Dorchester Trees and was a bit alarmed to notice the date 17/12/2018 alongside them…! What have I been doing these last 12 months? But then a year in the life of many of the trees around Dorchester is but a blink of an eye…

Why trees…? As I get older, I sense that I am getting more and more attached to trees and feel we need to shape our future together if we are to tackle the climate and extinction emergency. We hear a lot in the news at the moment about the need to plant more trees in the UK and, in the lead up to the general election, many political parties have set ambitious targets to increase the UK’s tree cover.

I moved to Dorchester in 2018 and hoped to get involved in a local, tree-based initiative along the lines of Andover Trees United, Sidmouth Arboretum or Tottenham Trees. I am a member of the Woodland Trust and Trees for Dorset (and both of these organisations do good work in Dorset), but neither of them are quite what I was hoping to get actively involved with. Being unsuccessful in finding an initiative that ticked all my boxes in or around Dorchester, I thought the next best thing I could do was make a start on something in the hope that others might like to get involved – hence ‘Dorchester Trees’.

Dorchester has a rich heritage of trees, including the avenue along West Walks, which were set out to follow the line of the old Roman walls around the town and were first planted with Lime and Sycamore in the early 1700s.

It is very early days for the Dorchester Trees initiative (and I am a novice in website development), but if you have any bright ideas about what we should be doing for trees in or around the town, or would like to get involved, then please get in touch using the ‘Contact’ page.

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